What kind of Brexit for Vauxhall?

What kind of Brexit for Vauxhall?

When the public went to the polls last year to vote on whether or not to leave the European Union, nobody was given a choice over what kind of country we would like to live in once we decided to leave. That decision is in the hands of our MPs, who are voting on amendments […]
Hoey should resign and face byelection over Article 50 vote

Hoey should resign and face byelection over Article 50 vote

Today, our Parliamentary candidate, George Turner, has written to our local MP, asking her to justify her vote on Article 50 and stating that if she continues to wish to defy her constituency she should resign and face a by-election. Ms Hoey has stated that she will vote for the triggering of article 50, despite […]

Richmond Park – The Liberal Democrats are Back in Business

The Liberal Democrats have pulled off an incredible victory in Richmond Park. Although the constituency previously voted Liberal Democrat, it is difficult to understate just how much of a mountain we had to climb. At the beginning of this contest we were 23,000 votes behind, and finished almost 2000 votes ahead. We won in Richmond because […]

Hoey must vote against Article 50 or Resign

Today I have written to Kate Hoey MP to demand that she use her vote in parliament to stop the UK government from invoking Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, which would start the process of the UK leaving the EU. The High Court has told the government that it must consult parliament before […]

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